Our Story

Oceana, the brand’s essence itself speaking for its personality. Our founders, Rima & Rashi identified their style in Oceana and brought it to life for us to reflect our style in it. Ever since, it has been a one of kind made in India bag. It expresses the serenity of the ocean with the playfulness of the waves through its collections. Furthermore, personalising the bags to the last detail and giving it your character!
Oceana believes that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
Hence, giving it all the pleasure to customize your style and creating your masterpiece. They are made of a premium quality with exquisite designs to impersonate you with us!


In a nutshell

Oceana Clutches was born out of the love for fashion & all things personalised by two dynamic sister-entrepreneurs. At Oceana, we create one-of-a-kind personalised bags that are not only fashion-forward but also unique.

Meet the makers

Fashion Lovers, Art Connoisseur & Dynamic Divas, Sister's Rima Kapadia & Rashi Maniar design one of a kind, unique & intricately crafted handbags.

The Duo, bring together years of practical experiences in business & combine it with their experiences in art over the years.
Born and raised in Mumbai, The Sisters' quest with fashion began at an early age. While Rima is a trained commercial artist & creative head, Rashi has a reservoir of knowledge with regard to manufacturing, production, financing & execution.

Beyond Bags

At Oceana Clutches, we believe in using resources native to our Motherland, India. Each piece is vibrant, colour and handcrafted by rural artisans by hand. We believe our handbags are an interpretation of the vastness, culture and diversity in our country. Each bag is special as it brings with it a special memory for the receiver. We work tirelessly to support vulnerable communities through our manufacturing process and to create a stellar piece for you to cherish.

We cannot wait to introduce you to our family! So, get started and give Oceana the privilege to be yours!

Explore & customise to create your personal masterpiece! 

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